Welcome to the first month of your CSA share! This month focuses on “WHOLE BODY CARE,” the understanding that to have a healthy body, one must also nurture a refreshed mind and an awareness of the natural world around us. Find healthy digestion and antioxidant support over a cup of Relief Tea. Then shield your systems from cold and flu season with the help of powerful Elderberries and awaken a drowsy or clouded mind with Morning Mind room mist. Finally, empower yourself to cook with consciously and locally grown ingredients by using Terra Luna grown Lemon Thyme.


Illustration by Margo Hurst

Elderberry Sambucus nigra

The clustered ebony-purple berries of this large shrub are both edible and medicinal. The fruit itself is a tonic food and prescribed medicine for arthritic complaints, while an Elderberry based syrup can be taken to combat colds and flus due to the berries antiviral, diaphoretic (helps to break fevers), and anti-catarrhal (decongestant) qualities. Elder also boasts dainty flowers that are both medicinal and edible. The blooms are used as a diaphoretic and as a helpful remedy for sinus congestion from head colds, allergies or sinus infection. 

By the way: The most commonly used dose for tinctures is 15-30 drops or 1-2 dropperfuls, two times per day. Tinctures offer concentrated medicine when your body needs it most. This tincture comes in handy during cold and flu season...begin to take as soon as the first signs of immune system challenges appear. 






Margo is a Philadelphia-based illustrator and graphic designer. Full time by day, freelance by night; she keeps a visual diary by drawing something every day. Inspired by the inconsistent and difficult-to-render form, Margo often illustrates human hands in relatable situations. 



LEMON THYME Thymus citriodorus

A truly local ingredient - this plant started as a seedling at Greensgrow Urban Farm, then found a home in the Terra Luna garden. One of my seasons favorites!

+ Healing uses- Taken as an herbal tea, acts as an immune system ally, promotes relaxation, and eases digestion by helping to break down fatty foods. Gargle the infusion for relief of sore throats and mouth issues. Taken as a syrup, it benefits respiratory problems such as bronchitis, coughs, asthma, or chest infections.

+ Culinary uses- An aromatic herb in the mint family. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest, or lemon flavoring. A wonderful herb to use in marinades for light proteins such as fish, chicken, or tofu.






We often forget how much our surroundings affect our mood and mental clarity. Use this room mist to create your own healthy environment! Citrus essential oils help refresh and awaken your senses, while the warm aroma of Rosemary perks up your memory centers. 

Want to learn more about essential oils? Making your own medicine empowers you to use only the best and most thoughtfully procured ingredients - do your research! Use the purest, highest grade essential oils. Find out more about the ingredients in this mist here: 



This blend was created with the understanding that a healthy body needs all of it's systems to work together in harmony. A healthy gut, calm nerves, and an active immune system all play equal parts in creating overall health.