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The acronym “CSA” traditionally stands for Community Supported Agriculture. 

but here at Terra Luna, we call it Community Supported Awareness - of how the natural world can aid in our health and overall well-being.

 As a small, urban garden and apothecary, we strive to teach our clients the importance of utilizing what nature has to offer us - in this case, it's the healing and grounding power of herbs! Each CSA share will be a combination of handmade goods, fresh and dried herbs from the Terra Luna garden, and the tools to create your own herbal remedies!  Our goal is to provide products, ingredients, and knowledge about the world of herbalism and how easily it can compliment your everyday life. 

November 2017 - Harvest

While harvest usually refers to the gathering of plant crops, it also represents the idea of reaping the bounties of the season - both figuratively and literally! In this box we celebrate the mood of this transition time, harvesting everything we can from the month of November.



Our CSA model will lead you seamlessly through the changes of the seasons, offering products and recipes that compliment each particular month. Every share will be different! One month you may receive dried tea blends and healing skin salves, while the next you will explore infused oils and fresh herbs. Whether you choose a six month or year long share, you will uncover the endless use of plant-based healing in both your culinary and wellness routines. We offer rolling enrollment and you will receive your first box the month following your initial sign-up. 

We offer three lengths of shares: 3 month, 6 month and 12 month. Please keep in mind that the amount of fresh herbal material will vary depending on the time of year. That being said, if fresh ingredients from the Terra Luna garden are most exciting to you, a longer share might be right up your alley! All options will provide you with a wide variety of products and ingredients, just consider what works best for you. Additionally, if you would like to extend your initial share, we can easily accommodate! 

SPECIAL FEATURE: As a member of the small business community in Philadelphia, we understand the importance of collaborating. When you sign up, you can look forward to a one of a kind product in each share from other local makers throughout the city!


Philadelphia Pickup Locations

For local Philadelphia members there are five pick up locations available. Shares are available for pickup on the third Thursday of each month & held for 48 hours.
+For those of you outside of Philadelphia, please choose one of our three shippable options when purchasing+            



2113 E. York Street

Philadelphia, PA 19125



263 S 10th St

Philadelphia, PA 19107



4435 Baltimore Ave

Philadelphia, PA  19104


210 W. Rittenhouse Square

Philadelphia, PA 19103



47 N 2nd St

Philadelphia, PA 19106



2200 E Norris St

Philadelphia, PA 19125





We ship our CSA to clients across the country, and charge a flat rate of $12 per month.  All CSA orders delivered outside Philadelphia are sent with tracking via USPS for delivery in 1-3 business days, and require signature.  Rush delivery available upon request for an additional charge.  In the rare event a product arrives damaged or broken, we'll replace it free of cost.