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Upcoming Workshops & Experiences

We believe that education is as important as the products we sell.  Join us for one of our hands-on workshops to learn more about medicinal gardens and the herbal remedies we grow and prepare in small batches - all right here in the heart of Philadelphia.

We also love working with innovative businesses to create bespoke products to compliment their existing product lines.  

From hands-on workshops to custom teas and DIY kits, we're always on the lookout for the right partners to create meaningful experiences and bring new ideas to life.

Some of our favorite past collaborations and events include our workshop and bespoke relaxation tea blend for Spruce St. Commons' Touraine & Annex residents, a DIY bitters kit that's as uniquely delicious as it is wholesome for Art In The Age, and our hands-on, experiential history of smudge sticks lecture (and making!) for the URBN Community at Urban Outfitter's Philadelphia headquarters. 


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