Spice Up Your Cocktail With These Shrubs



"After graduating from Philadelphia University, Elise Hanks became a short-term vagabond, wandering from Santa Cruz to Tuscon to Moab, learning how to farm.  Now that she's back home, Hanks' whole life revolves around plants. She's a floral designer by day. At night, she uses herbalist techniques to cook up recipes at her one-woman operation, Terra Luna. Her products - from facial steams to headache reliefs - are locally sourced from her garden in Kensington."


One of Terra Luna's best-sellers is a blackberry and lemon-thyme cocktail shrub that comes in an amber glass dropper bottle, to make measurements easy. Originally, shrubs were used to preserve fruit before refrigeration by mixing in vinegar and sugar, but now they're just something to spice up your after-work beverage. Hanks recommends her shrub in a hot toddy or tea, or stirred into an iced vodka cocktail to turn the drink a vibrant maroon. "It becomes this really lovely tart and sweet syrup, and then me adding the herbs into it gives a little bit more of an earthy taste," she explained.


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Philadelphia Inquirer, June 24th, 2016