Smudge Stick

Smudge Stick


Herbal smudge stick. (8" x 3") Dried herbs wrapped in twine. Sage, (both common and white varietals) are traditionally burned in purification and cleansing  rituals. It's genus name, Salvia, is derived from the Latin salvere, "to be well." Rosemary has long been a symbol of fidelity, friendship, and remembrance. Burn to purify the air and improve mental clarity.

Please note: we do not use White Sage in our bundles for two reasons - this herb has been domestically over harvested and we also want to respect and differentiate from traditional Native American cleansing bundles.

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To use: expose end to open flame, let catch on fire, gently blow out flame, and enjoy the healing smoke.
Approximately 8" in length, 1" in diameter. Organic, Philadelphia - Grown Rosemary & Garden Sage.

Always use caution when using products that require open flame in your home or living space - Never leave a burning smudge stick unattended!