Terra Luna was born in the Spring of 2012 as a passion project by founder and now herbalist Elise Hanks. Rooted as a Philadelphia based floral designer and avid gardener, she was searching for a deeper way to connect with nature in an urban setting.  Elise began to experiment with herbal remedies for personal use, which ultimately led her to further her education and develop her own recipes. Pulling from her past experiences working on flower and vegetable farms, she was determined to create a green space to harvest her own ingredients. With the help of a local landscape designer and community support, 2016 was the first full growing season in the Terra Luna garden. With the garden now complete, her goal to offer cure-alls that come full circle, from seed to final product, can now be achieved. Focusing on plant-based healing, Elise hopes to coax a bit of green out of this concrete jungle. 


Terra Luna is dedicated to providing small-batch, whole body herbal products handmade in Northeast Philadelphia.