October 2017 - Autumn


Autumn is a time of transition, reflection, and even a little holiday indulgence. The contents of this box can help you slide into the new season with ease. Find immune support in Elderberry syrup and help your body rid itself of toxins with a Dandelion and Stinging Nettle tincture. Get creative during Autumn cooking with an herbal finishing salt and ease into regenerating hibernation with an herbal pillow satchel. Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself with handmade, HoneyPie Cooking snacks.

herbal finishing salt

This mix is categorized as a “finishing salt” because it is meant to be added to a dish after it is prepared. (Or can be rubbed on meats and seafood before roasting or pan-frying.) *Try this finishing salt in stuffing, along with black pepper and anise seeds. Meatloaf, poultry and baked roots are all enhanced by this blend. What a perfect Autumn ingredient*


sweet dreams

You’ve most likely already noticed the relationship between sleep and immunity. Anyone who has burned the candle at two ends for long enough has noticed that lack of sleep is one of the quickest ways to catch a cold. Not only will this pillow satchel help ease you into a pleasant and dream filled sleep, it will also help build up your immune system as a result. 


Wormwood - Artemisia hybrid “Powis castle”: Can lead to incredibly vivid, beautiful dreams.

Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia:  Soothing, relaxing and eases headaches.

Yarrow - Achillea millefolium:  Conjures dreams of true love

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus: Uplifting and refreshing to sinuses.


ELDERBERRY / Sambucus nigra

- Your immune system's best ally -

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HoneyPie Cooking

Shayna of Honeypie Cooking teaches hands-on cooking skills to people of all ages and abilities through workshops, interactive classes and community outreach. Her original meals focus on simple recipes and healthy ingredients.


Liver and kidney support tincture

This Apple Cider Vinegar based tincture can be taken on a daily basis for general liver and kidney support, or simply during times of cleansing. Either way, a general dosage = 2 dropperfuls 2x daily. May be taken directly under the tongue or diluted in liquid.


Dandelion Leaves (Taraxacum officinale) Diuretic, laxative, and digestive. Rich in Potassium and a tonic herb for the Kidneys and Liver.

Stinging Nettle Leaves (Urtica dioica) Iron and Vitamin C rich, supports liver cleansing. Supports healthy, clear skin and Urinary Tract health (diuretic).

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