April 2017 - Spring

This month’s share focuses on an entire season- SPRING! Remember to celebrate and care for your body during the changing of the seasons. CONTENTS: CLEAN TEA BLEND, PLANTAIN ACV TINCTURE, HERBAL SACHET, BLACKBERRY + LEMON THYME SHRUB, FIRE CIDER

Just in time for the opening of their new produce market, April’s local collaborator is Riverwards Produce. Providing all the ingredients in this month’s Terra Luna Fire Cider, we’ve created a truly local product. Visit their new location at 2200 Norris St to peruse reasonably priced produce and community supported products. Visit their website to learn more! 


Fire Cider is one of the most versatile and accessible herbal medicines. Rosemary Gladstar pioneered it in modern herbalism- so who better to learn from than her?? 

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