July 2017 - Summer

Drink in the fruits of the season with our July box of goodies. Freshly picked Elderflower represents the height of Summer blooming, while soothing topical medicines soothe and nourish your skin. Treasure all that Nature provides for us during this sun filled Summer month.

Elderflower tea / Elderflower Sambucus nigra- No matter the time of year, our bodies can always use a boost to the immune system. Anytime you need immune support, make yourself a cup of Elderflower OR Elderberry tea. You can also prepare as a tea infusion, cool in the refrigerator, and use as a soothing skin spritz!! The flowers lightly promote perspiration, which is useful in aborting a cold, respiratory problems, or fever. I harvested this particular Elderflower alongside the ocean in Rhode Island. P.S. these tea bags are reusable! Just lightly wash and refill.

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Citrus Mint / Menthe citrata / This amazing herb is wonderful in dishes where just a little lemon flavor is just enough, and doesn't have the added bitterness or acidic taste of real lemon...a great ingredient to stir frys, fruit salads, fish, rice, and summer drinks. Additionally, the aromatic nature of the mint family plants come from their high levels of volatile oils, (which also account for the rich flavors prized in cooking and many of their medicinal properties.) While the medicinal actions of the mint family plants make quite a long list, many of them fit into four categories:                                                

-Nervine for nervous system complaints (anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, dementia)

-Digestive for digestive system complaints: (indigestion, gas, cramps, nausea, colic)

-Antimicrobial for infections: (bacterial, viral, fungal) 

-Clearing for respiratory system complaints (infection, congestion, asthma)                                                              

*Add these fresh leaves to hot water as you would any dried tea blend OR cold brew overnight for a refreshing cold mint tea*

cut from the terra luna garden:

citrus mint

 Lemon balm causes the heart and mind to become merry
— Seraphio

Lemon Balm / (Melissa officinalis) syrup is a delicious tool to reduce anxiety and calm an upset stomach AND the scent is irresistible. A member of the Mint family, it is as refreshing as it is medicinal. It is great medicine against members of the virus family that includes chicken pox, shingles and herpes. It is a spoonful of goodness which combats the rash and inflammation common to these viruses. Add it to teas, take by the spoonful or drizzle on dessert!

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