January 2018 - Renewal

New Year, New You is the common theme surrounding the month of January - but let's step back and instead, renew the body and mind you already know and love. This month's share focuses on revitalizing and cleansing your mind, your skin, and your space.  

Monthly maker feature: ETHAN SHERMAN


I believe that wellness is not just about physical health, but also about a peaceful and fulfilled emotional self. Art is one of the most universal medicines for emotional expression, understanding, and connection, therefore in combination with physical medicine, these pieces by Ethan Sherman complete a full circle wellness box. Living and composing his works right here in the city, Ethan is truly a modern Philadelphia maker. 

Refresh and renew the air around you with a hand bundled smudge

Refresh and renew the air around you with a hand bundled smudge

keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness, blow the rest away
— Dinah Craik

want more natural body and skincare inspiration?

Skin Serene Tea

+Burdock Root (Arctium lappa) It is known to balance internal heat, is specifically helpful for supporting skin health,. Herbalist Matthew Becker states that Burdock is a "potent yet safe lymphatic decongestant.” Also, that as a subtle alterative it works best over time and demonstrates restorative properties due, in part, to its bitter tonic effects on the digestive system. It also contains inulin which feeds the healthy bacteria in the colon

+Dandelion Leaves (Taraxacum officinale) Diuretic, laxative, and digestive - helping the body eliminate toxins that may otherwise erupt through the skin. Rich in Potassium and a tonic herb for the Kidneys and Liver. Bitter, earthy taste.  

+Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) Calmative, antidepressant, antiviral. Aids in alleviating nervous tension, headaches, and upset stomach. Lightly sedative and generally lifts the mood. Supports the skin with its carminative and digestive properties - helping the body successfully eliminate foods. Light, citrus, refreshing taste.

+Stinging Nettle Leaves (Urtica dioica) Iron and Vitamin C rich, supports liver cleansing. Supports healthy, clear skin and Urinary Tract health (diuretic). Bitter, earthy taste.


Calendula officinalis is one of my most beloved herbs - both to grow and to use in the kitchen! A favorite for skincare and a gorgeous addition to any summer garden, this herb has renewal written all over it.