December 2018 - Hibernation

the comfort of reclusion, the poetry of hibernation
— Marcel Proust

The December wellness share is all about hibernation. Preparing our bodies and minds for the inevitable slow down during the Winter season. Contents include: Nasal Steam, winter herb sachet, Immunity boosting honey, on-the-go teas and an amazing collaborative zine.

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This collection of interviews by Amy Jean Jacobs and Ailbhe Pascal is a celebration of healers and their relationship with the plants they love. It highlights the practical usage of these healing plants, as well as the emotional journeys the featured users have gone through with plant medicine. (You’ll find my interview about my love for Dandelion on page 29!) This publication is a grass-roots celebration of the powerful relationship between humans and plants - where would we be without them? Cozy up with this lovely zine while both we and the plants we love hibernate for the Winter.



There may be no place like home during the holidays, but when you do have to venture, take these travel sized teas with you for a cup of healing medicine. When all you want to do is hibernate, these hot, healing blends will help calm your nerves and protect your systems during the stress of travel.


Whether its a runny nose or painful sinuses, our olfactory systems take a beating during the cold months. Let Eucalyptus Leaf, Lavender Flower, and Peppermint Leaf soothe your nasal struggles as a concentrated steam or add to a soothing bath. A luxurious and medicinal spa treatment without ever having to leave your home.

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