May 2018 - Mother Earth

May is named for the Roman goddess Maia, who oversaw the growth of plants. Nature, like a mother, protects us and challenges us as we move through life. This month we celebrate the bounty of Spring and the healing, yet challenging power it brings. 


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This tea blend was formulated specifically for the Philadelphia based Art in the Age boutique. This recipe includes leaves, flowers, and roots - symbolizing the vast uses of medicinal plants...and I couldn't not share it with you!

Black Tea - Camellia sinensis (Orange Pekoe) - An energizing brew when you need a natural pick-me-up. 

Calendula Flower Calendula officinalis -  Helps heal inflammation from infection or irritation through its vulnerary, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial actions. Helps ease chronically swollen lymph nodes: respiratory infection, localized infection, and tonsillitis. Also used for poor immunity, to help prevent infection through stimulating the lymphatic system.

Elderflower Sambucus nigra - These petite blooms are used as a diaphoretic and as a helpful remedy for sinus congestion from head colds, allergies, or sinus infection.

Ginger Root Zingiber officinale - Can help relieve nausea, improve circulation, and promote perspiration. Supportive during cold and flu, improves liver function, and helpful in lowering high blood pressure.

A neat fact about Ginger: 

Ginger is an herbal synergist - meaning that it helps to amplify the effects of other medicinal herbs. It dilates blood vessels in the body, thus increasing our ability to absorb and integrate. Ginger is commonly added to herbal formulas for just this benefit. Ginger is also a powerful healer for our hearts, digestive systems and immune responses. And for those who feel the deep reaches of winter's cold in their bones, ginger is a warming, spicy ally. - Rosalee de la Foret 


Wellness is about more than just our physical bodies...our emotional bodies need to be fed too! These lovely needle punched pieces are the perfect representation of thoughtful, handmade art...and very likely to bring a smile to your face :-) Brittany Sweigart brings a sustainable touch to traditional needle punching with repurposed fibers she sourced from the local Philadelphia Resource Exchange. Her pieces are sweet and detailed - check out her etsy or instagram for more! @dearvetiver

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Cold season may be behind us, but allergy season is right behind to take it's place. When my sinuses are screaming, I look to this herbal nasal steam for relief. Not only will it help open your congested passages, it will gently nudge you to relax and BREATHE for a few minutes. In our modern world, sometimes we just need to check in with Mother Earth and listen to our bodies.  

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Dandelion Leaves (Taraxacum officinale) are one of the first medicines to pop up through the dirt at the first sign of Spring! They are diuretic, laxative, and digestive. Rich in Potassium and a tonic herb for the Kidneys and Liver. P.S. The leaves used in this tincture were sustainable grown and harvested in the Terra Luna garden!

This Apple Cider Vinegar based tincture can be taken on a daily basis for general liver and kidney support, or simply during times of cleansing. Either way, a general dosage = 2 dropperfuls 2-5x daily. May be taken directly under the tongue, diluted in liquid, or incorporated into cooking!

Tinctures in a nutshell: The solvent is the liquid that’s extracting, or pulling out, the medicinal compounds from the plant. Tinctures can be made with alcohol, but in this case, its Apple Cider Vinegar. Vinegar draws out minerals more effectively than alcohol and thus makes an excellent solvent for mineral-rich herbs like Dandelion leaf. Medicinal vinegar extracts are a good choice for people who avoid alcohol-based tinctures.

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Herbal shrubs are a lovely tool to help bring a bit of plant medicine into your everyday life. Try my Raspberry Moon Cocktail for a tea AND shrub infused cocktail. 

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