August 2018 - Relief

The end of the Summer is near and your body is looking for relief from the long, hot days. Absorb the last moments of this generous season, while preparing your systems for the impending Autumn. 

GINGER ROOT INFUSED HONEY - Wildflower honey infused with Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale.) Let this honey give your immune system a warm and comforting hug! Add it to your favorite tea or take by the spoonful. 

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These small linen tea bags are great for a single cup or small pot of tea. Flip them inside out to wash them in the sink - they'll last a lifetime!

Founder Heidi Barr is an artist working in textiles and garden based installations. The KGS offers heirloom quality kitchen textiles for you while supporting Philadelphia's growing urban agricultural movement.

Our products are designed and made in Pennsylvania, and we give 25% of our profits to two organizations growing food inside the Philadelphia city limits; Henry Got Crops & The East Park Revitalization Alliance. Our signature look comes from the up-cycled men's shirts and linen that appear in our designs. Using reclaimed materials has the added benefit of reducing textile waste in landfills. *Reusable tea bags - These small linen tea bags are great for a single cup or small pot of tea. Flip them inside out to wash them in the sink - they'll last a lifetime!



+Ingredients: Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis) leaves

Best taken as a cool tea for relieving night sweats or as a hot tea to induce perspiration. The infusion (tea) can also be used for sore throat or as a gargle for irritations of the mouth. Sage is also a nerve tonic, helping the body handle stress. Recommended tea consumption  - 4-8 ounces, 3x daily. *Not recommended during pregnancy

Recipe recommendation: Strawberry Sage Iced Tea


Elderflower (Sambucus nigra) tincture

The flowers of this amazing plant provide anti-inflammatory and antiviral support in many forms. A cooling and drying herb, it’s medicine can reduce inflammation both topically and internally. As a tincture, this concentrated medicine can also help shorten and relieve cold or flu symptoms! As this is an alcohol based tincture, I suggest either taking it by the dropperful (two dropperfuls, 2-4x daily when you need immune or acute support) or adding it to your hot tea OR cocktail! FYI: Alcohol is the liquid that’s extracting, or pulling out, the medicinal compounds (solutes) from the plant.


Elderflower Tincture

Wild harvested on the coast of Rhode Island

Wild Elderflower in Little Compton, Rhode Island. Summer 2017


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+ Clove (Syzygium aromatic) Aromatic, culinary herb. Helps relieve digestive issues such as bloating + flatulence         

 +Hibiscus Flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa) High in anti-oxidants. Yields mucilage and pectin (relieves irritation of mucous membranes.) May help calm nervous system + reduce high blood pressure.

+Peppermint Leaf (Mentha piperita) Anti-oxidant, supports healthy liver function, refreshing taste.                                  

+Violet Leaf (Viola tricolor) Relieves inflammation of digestive tract, expectorant, + laxative. Hangover relief.   

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